‘Twas a time before CCTV

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Found this in my local post office above the counter. There’s probably a darkened little room behind it where someone could sit and look down. I’m guessing the slots are the audio monitoring system. 😉

2 thoughts on “‘Twas a time before CCTV”

  1. Dude the USPS inspectors don’t use video. Up here they watch every move on the sorter with these backass periscopes. I was the communications vendor from 1993-2012 and finally after seeing 20 agents up in that room for 20 years I had to ask about our tax dollars at work….If they have a box,carrier or any other USPS operation under survelliance…they have to see it happen with a few other agents..because “Crimes involving US Mail are all Federal and the min. sentence for tossing junk mail out..or unauthorozed opening of any box stamped U.S. Mail is 25 years hard time. And three USPS agents will give eyewitness testimony. Anyone picked up by these bad-asses should save the money for a lawyer..They NEVER lose a case and are very proud of the record.
    So leave the neighbors mail alone and now you know why USPS employees go postal. The pressure of being watched and the fact that the Postal Inspectors office that reports directly to the Postmaster General has had a 100% conviction rate since the turn of the century…thats pretty creepy stuff. 😉

    1. Yes… I had to get them to come down and check out a sorting station in Opa-Locka, FL once that was pretty much black hole-ing many packages sent with any item of value. It was BAD around 2009 until they caught the three or four workers doing it.

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