Vintage Marmaduke is completely horrifying.

Hey guys and gals! Do you like the Marmaduke comics in the Sunday paper? Well… they’re kind of bland and uninteresting nowadays. Vintage Marmaduke, however, was a completely different beast.

A terrifying beast, feared, respected, who ruled over humans with an iron paw. His scale could change at whim too, everywhere from “normal dog” to “BIGGER THAN A DAMN HOUSE”.

You did not cross old-school Marmaduke and live to tell about it.

The images below were looted from a 4chan /co/ thread, using 4Chan Downloader. Incidentally, /co/ is the BEST board ever. Aaaaand now… behold the horror!! Some of these images have been creatively edited, including one in which someone vandalized the original book while it was circulating at the library where it was found. The original filenames from the OP* on /co/ have been preserved and will be visible when you click an image in the gallery.

* OP = Original Poster

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