Vintage television broadcast site erotica. WCKT-TV, 1957

This post is rated R— RCA!!! This is the transmitter site for WCKT-TV which later went on to become WSVN-TV, then WSVN-DT – the new digital site is across the street.

Okay normally I’d save the best for last but— here you go. I COULDN’T WAIT.


There was no A/C at the site in these days – the large stylized funky vent in the ceiling was connected to a large supply or exhaust fan.


The Cat.


This set of photos were glamour shots taken by Caterpillar after they installed the generator.


The shack and the stick



We’re not sure what the roof dishes were all about. STL perhaps with reflectors up the tower?


The base and elevator cab


Well grounded 😀

*grumble grumble sudo nano -w /etc/php/7.0/apache2/php.ini LET ME UPLOAD BIG FILES AGAIN DARN IT*

2 thoughts on “Vintage television broadcast site erotica. WCKT-TV, 1957”

  1. No shots of inside the transmitter cabinet? You just tease the handle to unlock it. But. If you don’t power down, ka-bang.

    1. Ha. None that I’m aware of having existed. That whole site got stripped out and I think it’s going to be paved over to build more ~luxury townhomes~

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