Wearing a little more paint than usual

So a week or so ago I found a really nice leather jacket at a thrift store. It was kind of weathered soft, and fits me like a glove.. I mean, perfect… But just one thing…

It was brown.

I’m too old school goth for brown.

Therefore, it needed to look like rusty old metal.

Initial test
The back of the jacket. Please excuse the cluster foxtrot workshop.
The front. It's not asymmetrical like a biker jacket; it's just hanging all derpy because I needed to get behind the collar.
Inside the collar.

I was originally just going for a rusty appearance but when Dominik of Slaughterhouse Apparel told me the red looked bloody I went with it. It’s got the look of something worn by a post apocalyptic mechanic; the red bits kind of reminding us that in an apocalyptic world, Shit Gets Real sometimes.

The funny part of all this? One of my coworkers told me this will probably look best with brown pants. Thankfully my wardrobe isn’t entirely black otherwise.

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