Yes it smells like bubblegum

There are some things in the world you can’t change. For instance, you can’t always say we just won’t keep using horrible mistakes in technology that require nothing short of severe threats to keep them in service.

oh you keep that 6 GHz link working or you get Popuko’s hammer

I always used to want purple hair but was always too afraid of damaging it by bleaching so it’d show up, since my natural color was always kinda dark to medium brown. Later it started going silver at the temples and in a few other places and I just love that. I don’t want to do anything to hide that at all. Eventually I decided I’d try adding a few streaks of color. The first one I tried, well, I don’t really even know what to describe the resulting color as but it wasn’t really purple.


Eventually that faded to a light brown somehow and I wanted to try a couple different shades so I started making an elegant mess again.

That weird but kinda neat looking orange blonde shade at which my hair refuses to continue to lighten
I made an honest effort to not paint my ears purple. This was not a success.

And after all that desire to have purple for so many years, it turns out I like the pink better.

This is all probably still less interesting than Tina’s snack handbags for hamsters, but it’s been a fun adventure too.

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