Yet Another “Comcast Sucks” Post…

Adding another one to the ether of the Internet.

I’m paying over $80 a month for supposedly 25 megabits from Comcast via cable. Price keeps going up, speeds keep going down, as does the connection itself.

The fault appears to NOT be with the last mile – the modem’s SNR and signal levels look quite acceptable. I’m gonna call 36.8dB SNR and -1.9dBmV “Lucky Duck!” levels for QAM256 demodulation… aka “you’re in luck, your DSP can accurately decode this in its sleep”.


Over the past couple of weeks, this is about average:

--- ping statistics ---
2598 packets transmitted, 2428 packets received, 6.5% packet loss
round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 53.373/535.039/4664.892/482.324 ms

And that’s IF, or WHEN, it works.

Calling Comcast support yields ONLY a “support” script telling me to scan my computers for viruses with their free version of Norton Antivirus. No thanks.

Sadly I live in an area where Comcast has an ABSOLUTE monopoly when it comes to home Internet.

Anyone know of a way to get a real tech on the line at Comcast who is CLUE equipped?

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