Oh nooooo!


I have plans to go to a Denny’s later and I don’t have any googly eyes with me!


Oh well. Having a great time at the Magic City Comic Con and was reminded that the Florida Arcade and Pinball Expo is coming up!!

The nerd life’s good. Just wish I could googly-eye the syrup container. (Wait, isn’t it IHOP that has those?)

That gas plasma display glow.

Studio Down!!

Your Friday post of Capaci-Fail…





All the blown caps are Chinese fake Rubycon and Nichicon. Yes I know how to read a data sheet and confirm that these do not match the specified dimensions and case styles from Rubycon and Nichicon. Nobody at Dell Computer can, or if they can, they were forced to accept these fakes out of cost engineering nonsense. Is it any wonder why I won’t willingly buy a Dell?

Here’s an old school Audioscience and an old school Autogram. The ASI works. The Autogram likes to find new and interesting ways to keep me on my toes.



Hams In Space! ISS contact with Richmond Heights Middle School.

The Dade Radio Club of Miami and Richmond Heights Middle School were given the chance to have their students speak to the astronauts aboard the International Space Station!

That’s just cool, man. 😀

News coverage:

Southgate Amateur Radio Club – ARISS ham radio contact with Richmond Heights Middle School, Miami, FL

NPR State Impact – Amateur Radio Club Connects Miami Students With Space Station

WSVN-TV – 7NEWS Miami Ft. Lauderdale News, Weather, Deco

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

Sorry if you saw this post come up at first with the URLs borked. I was still thinking in Gopher link format for no good reason. Yes, I did put up a Gopher server, it’s currently remarkably content-free but it’s there. Does your browser support Gopher?

The world’s trippiest transmitter site?

Actually, this is another Mandelbulber render, but it’s funny how this system of attractors looks like it ought to be a trippy space-age TV tower.

Click for fullsize.

towers1Look off to the right there…. out of the whole system that remains so orderly and symmetrical from the left grows one quite organic and beautiful little tiny tree.


Upon further inspection, that tree is trippin’.


Welcome everyone to Downy Downs…

It’s going to be the race of the century tonight here folks! In lanes 16 and 17 we have twin Huebsch contenders, both weighing in at 7.5 amps of 208 volt wye connect 3 phase power…


Aaand they’re off! Oh what’s this?


Number 16 has a slow start! Those two seconds before it fired the door lock coil and started turning could cost it dearly here… Wait what’s this? 17 has made it to its first drain and spin first! Oh it’s anyone’s race here tonight thanks to the magic of water flow rates…

Aaaaand this is why it was a bad idea to put a coffee machine in the laundromat, guys.

Merry kurisamasu!

Read in the voice of Osaka from Azumanga Daioh.

Finally someone posted this amazing documentary in full to YouTube. Enjoy the majestic silliness!

This documentary was produced by PBS affiliate WGBH Boston a year before I was born. Trust me, the videotape artifacts are part of the experience.

If you’re lucky, your local library may have it or be able to inter-library loan it on VHS, U-Matic, or even film! Check Worldcat here.

I posted The Colonel Comes to Japan here since it kind of touches on the surprising way that KFC Christmas dinner became a wildly popular ritual in Japan. The whole documentary, however, is completely ridiculous and is worth watching no matter what.

Americans in casual clothing. I always lose it at this.



It feels like everyone’s Harris Z transmitters are rotting out all at once lately… We’ve been calling it “Z-Bola”.

These are pretty solid boxes with lots of redundancy and failsafes, but they’re getting a bit old and weird failures are cropping up in the units in the field.


Tonight’s adventure was brought to you by the letters ” P O W E R S U P P L Y C O N T R O L L E R” and the number 2. No clue why — it just up and quit talking to the CPU, disabling one of the two IPAs* and half of the final output modules. Removing power from the controller and reseating the card and its worrisome nest of ribbon cables cleared the fault. However, I was now faced with a new horror: CB1, the circuit breaker in the back which serves as the disconnect for the controller and fan power, would not stay closed, and we were thus more seriously off air! I finally managed to get it to stay latched on by opening the big three phase breaker across the room from the transmitter, closing CB1, then closing the big evil breaker again.

Pheeewwww. It’s always a new adventure with this rig.

* Intermediate Power Amplifier: An amplifier stage used between the signal source and the final amplification stage. Can also stand for a kind of beer. If I liked beer more, this box would have made me want a nice cold one on many many occasions.

Oh, if you’re wondering what holds the controller cage like that, it is NOT hanging by the delicate ribbon cables. It jams against two screws as seen here 😉

Radio Shack is weird

One of their latest death thrashes: the cell phone displays have now become a station for a cellular mvno dedicated to armed forces members and veterans?


Not entirely understanding how that’s worth the floor space here…

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