Greetings. I’m Tom Morris, KG4CYX, Certified Broadcast Technologist, broadcast engineer, ham radio operator, and colossal nerd.

This is my
Beeeeehhhhhh. I was tempted to change this image but dang it I need to keep sticking out my tongue at that petulant transmitter.

Mostly, I post silly things here.

I’m available for consultation on various matters of radio, broadcasting, and electronics – drop me a line if you’ve got a project going.

When I’m not on the airwaves – find me on Instagram, (X has been e-waste’d), Facebook, the Fediverse, Cohost, and Bluesky. I guess I’m also on Threads but I have no idea why and honestly all that app usually does is make me feel boring. I’d like to hope I’m not.

4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi, I found your website through a Google Image search for SunSaver MPPT.

    I really like your pics of dead equipment and commentary. Keep it up. The solar power industry can be weird with fanboys of specific brands etc. I’m a realist and know STUFF BREAKS. Though some stuff breaks less than other stuff.

    Speaking of that, do you know anything about Flexcharge charge controllers? They are a small company from Michigan. The owner emailed me with info I requested about his units. I’d like you to take a look if you could. In return I have a ton of cool project info to share. You might dig some of it.

    Email me directly and I’ll get the text to you.


    Tom L.

  2. I haven’t seen the Flexcharge stuff before, but it looks really nice – simple, solid looking shunt regulators and PWM controllers. I’d like to try it out! If I get some in my workshop, I’ll review them here 🙂

  3. Got inside pics of a Steca/Instapark MPPT 2010 20A charge controller.
    Mail me back and I’ll send em!

    They sell them on Amazon now for $99

  4. I forgot this page existed! Reminds me of simpler times when we ALL had our own page, there was no Flushbook, and you had to at least know how to steal HTML and re-write it with your own content. Good times and Geocities to all! I finally stopped paying for jrcstudios.com, and now a video editor has it. I wonder how much he paid for it, condsidering I sat on the domain for about 25 years?

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