Greetings. I’m Tom Morris, KG4CYX, Certified Broadcast Technologist, broadcast engineer, ham radio operator, and colossal nerd.

This is my "HD Radio" face

I post silly things here.

I’m available for consultation on various matters of radio, broadcasting, and electronics – drop me a line if you’ve got a project going.

When I’m not on the airwaves – find me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Ello.

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi, I found your website through a Google Image search for SunSaver MPPT.

    I really like your pics of dead equipment and commentary. Keep it up. The solar power industry can be weird with fanboys of specific brands etc. I’m a realist and know STUFF BREAKS. Though some stuff breaks less than other stuff.

    Speaking of that, do you know anything about Flexcharge charge controllers? They are a small company from Michigan. The owner emailed me with info I requested about his units. I’d like you to take a look if you could. In return I have a ton of cool project info to share. You might dig some of it.

    Email me directly and I’ll get the text to you.


    Tom L.

  2. I haven’t seen the Flexcharge stuff before, but it looks really nice – simple, solid looking shunt regulators and PWM controllers. I’d like to try it out! If I get some in my workshop, I’ll review them here 🙂

  3. Got inside pics of a Steca/Instapark MPPT 2010 20A charge controller.
    Mail me back and I’ll send em!

    They sell them on Amazon now for $99

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