The Great Glass Elevator


I never did like the way Schindler Elevator designed their door clutch and restrictor. I mean, come on, that nylon screw?? Needless to say this one’s broken, but at least its breakage offered the opportunity for a really neat picture of a tech replacing what ails it.


It still beats a Thyssenkrapp any day of the week. Just saying. Then again so does a bucket, a rope, and a pulley connected to an eye bolt at the top of the building.

Organization? Intensification? Ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat.


Line drive to center field!

The question is now not how strong, but…. How wet? The color here indicates total precipitable water. Looks pretty wet over the storm itself, and that’s before any localized effects like cold air inside the system smacking into hot wet air over land. Anyone else remember t.s. Irene some years back?

Erika’s travel plans…

The final points in the computer models now show potential landfall areas for the storm.


Wind shear is still very present and limiting strengthening of the system, though.


This is a good time to make sure your supplies are in order, trim some trees perhaps, but don’t panic. We get normal summer thunderstorms with wind speeds only a few ticks below this. The stronger portions of the storm are fairly small and organization isn’t great.

Oh, if you signed up for the Cone On Your Phone, consider yourself officially laughed at. Ha-ha! Ain’t media fear mongering great?

11 pm advisory on T.S. Erika


The computer models are all in strong agreement that this storm is coming near Florida on Sunday. It’s forecast to be a tropical storm until just before nearing Florida, at which point intensification to category 1 hurricane is expected. I’ve enabled the sea surface temperature color overlay on this map to illustrate why.

Yeeeowch that’s hot.

Sorry, my One State Under Rick Scott has banned me from saying “CLIMATE CHANGE”.

The sea creatures are out there drinking frozen martinis to cope with these sea surface temps. Boaters are advised to watch out for tipsy porpoises.

As always, if you want to play with this cool data visualization tool, QSY to the University of Wisconsin CIMSS tropical page and click on the system of interest.

First impressions with Shark FM

Simulated Walnut Grain Finish. It's almost as great as Tri-Color Foaming Wax.

104.3 changed format from talk radio to —???

I still haven’t figured it out but it seems like a re-themed Bob FM or Jack FM. The original theory was that it’s rock or alternative but then it inexplicably plays bits of top 40 EDM?

Yes, I’m listening on an old scanner because their processing is currently so bad it’s unlistenable on better speakers. Hopefully they’ll improve that very very soon.

Going down?


I used to think that escalators arrived in pieces and had to be assembled on site like some kind of Ikea furniture.

Apparently not. They come in one piece and get hoisted right in there!

Note the featureless rectangular pit that the bottom of the escalator sits in. I’d seen these pits in the remains of the Omni Mall in downtown Miami during a bit of good ol’ urban exploration and wondered what the heck I was looking at. Well now I know, and knowing is half the battle…??




One of these days I would love to get my hands on the husk of one of these stupid machines, install a wobbly fascia over the card slot mimicking a badly installed skimmer, hollow it out, put an ill fitting monitor behind the window and a single board computer inside. Upon a user inserting a card and entering a pin number, both of which will promptly be discarded by the software, a small but powerful blower will launch a shower of glitter over the user and a receipt will print yelling at the user for swiping their card on such a dodgy piece of crap and explaining the risks.

Maybe then others will realize just how dumb these mini ATM’s truly are.

They’re insecure, can even be outright completely replaced by a compromised device, and are likely a pretty good source of card skimming fraud.

And even if it isn’t compromised, the fee is $WTFPILLAGE.

Look at this stupid unmatched pin pad. Could you even remotely consider taking this seriously? I can't. WTF.

Orange! Yeah, that’s right.

GE put up a really cool video with a point of view shot of one of the CSX juice train’s daily voyages from Bradenton, Florida, to Kennesaw, New Jersey.

From the data shown at the end of the video, this got 4.55 gallons per mile (0.22 mpg).

That is, however, towing and refrigerating 41 cars packed with oranges.

That’s amazingly efficient. 🙂

Watch it roll!

Mold-Mart. The mold at Walmart.

So I’ve already contacted store management about this several times and it hasn’t been fixed beyond a quick wipe down of the surface the price labels are on — I’m hoping if I publicly yell about it here this will get fixed. This is the dairy case at the Walmart in Hallandale Beach, Florida, on Hallandale Beach Boulevard. And here’s your glamour shot of black furry mold. Delicious, right?! Ewww. Come on guys, mix up some bleach and water and spray that crap down till it’s gone. Pressure washing the shelves may actually be necessary the first time around but a maintenance procedure is gonna be needed to keep that mold off.


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