Little observations

You know why I love real trolleys more than fake ones?

The real ones don’t randomly depart without signaling into your lane.

Please watch your driving, you smegma loaf.

We need our baylink train.

73's and good night, spunk trumpet.

February 2016 Ham Radio Class + Exam in West Palm Beach

Anyone in the Palm Beach area or nearby interested in becoming a ham? Come on, join us, it’s fun!

As posted to the HelloRadio list:


Attached you will find the February Ham Radio Class/exam sessions scheduled for 2016 at the American Red Cross in WPB, Fla.

This is a weekend class with the exam on Sunday morning.
The class is free, the exam is $15.00 and the ARRL study manuals are $30.00 and are available at the ARRL.
If you know of someone who would like to earn their Ham Radio license,
feel free to forward, copy, post the attachments and help to mentor a
new Ham into the hobby of Amateur Radio.

Albert Moreschi AG4BV
ARRL Instructor/VE
561 714-6673
American Red Cross Disaster Services

Click the preview below for the PDF.


This is literally the stupidest thing I’ve ever had to fix


Gee I wondered why what looked like a stainless panel weighed about a metric fuckton and had tan colored dust all around it.

The fabricators would have been so much better off just using an actual sheet of 18 gauge stainless steel.

I can’t even……

Uh hey guys

It may be the Suzo-Happ Ultimate Pushbutton but it still has its limits

Like, "not 32 amps at 12vdc, you savages"

In other news, Miami-Dade and Broward counties are currently being terrorized by a large group of ATV and dirt bike riders.

Fun times. I’ll probably be able to get photos of all the rare cats in Neko Atsume before I can get home tonight. Thanks, douchecasseroles.

On a side note, Neko Atsume is the most meta thing ever. It is a true slice of modern life and Internet culture– we buy imaginary things in it and take pictures of cats.

How to achieve that coveted shitty Latin pop sound

Step 1: Loop a really cheezy reggaeton beat.
Step 2: choose one —
* If you’re featuring Pitbull: you’re already set
* If not: Run your vocals through the worst possible granular synthesis then time compress it, causing audible glitches from the sampling intervals and generally making it sound like you’ve got a dude rapping into a digital toilet

On a side note, that thing hanging from the valve is called a Nut-Locker and evokes some strange mental associations made even stranger by the fact one's staring at it while taking a leak.

You’re a superstar!

No, I’m not looking up examples of this for you. You’ve heard them already. Do you really want to hear more? Probably not.

Longing for the engineering of the 90s


Here’s a several hundred pound portion of pure 1990s ridiculousness. It’s a Ryko Voyager II car wash. Something is badly wrong with the wheel scrubber on the left side (right of this picture) but it’s in otherwise great shape. The nylon filament brushes are kinda out of favor but they can be easily changed out.

It’s probably really lightly used though. It’s in the middle of nowhere.

The current model, Softgloss Maxx, I’ve seen some of those go to the scrap heap after three years of use. That’s just not a great thing to do to someone who’s invested a couple hundred grand in a wash.

So that, if you’re wondering, is why you still see so many of these older Ryko car washes being moved around, rebuilt, and kept in service everywhere.

If you use a Softgloss maxx and look up in the gantry, there may be a pair of nozzles on a weird gimbal structure that lets the machine rinse under a hatchback car or SUV’s air deflector. This was actually my idea and I gave it to their hopefully former director of R&D so he would shut up and leave me alone one day. Good times…

What ever happened to them making actually good systems? Well, I get the feeling that dude was in a good part responsible, he was very fond of the idea of making the machines wear out over time and even the idea of software as a service to the wash PLCs. You keep paying for a service or you’re stuck with a bay full of stationary plastic.

Back in the 90s, though, stuff was still built to last.

Such is, sadly, the modern American way. Le siiiigh


Found while trying to squeeze a little more life out of this poor tortured old fostex…


This is where the airflow to cool the hard drive has gone for years. The clear plastic covering half the holes is there to avoid shorting out the spindle motor.

With the drive cooling improved a bit it’s stopped freezing, at least…


On a side note, congratulations to Icom for finally deciding to go to lithium ion batteries on their handheld commercial radios. I came to really appreciate that when a kid with mental difficulties hammered me over the head with one a few times. I’m so done with this

Tandy Leather, the survivor

Remember when I commented on the demise of RadioShack – former Tandy Corporation? I left out an important detail. Tandy Corporation was once parent company of Tandy Leather, which they spun off at some point and is still around today.

They have vastly fewer stores, but they’re still going and take mail and online orders.

The important cool part about all this: they were the one survivor of the Tandy empire!!

Their stores also offer classes on leatherwork.

So, for your viewing pleasure, feel free to compare the visual design and copy writing style to that of an old Radio Shack catalog.

This one’s from 1986 and I still have it for the moment to identify some of the tools my late uncle left behind. The Craftool stuff is just amazingly built. Does any of this even still exist or did cheap Chinese junk blow it out of the market? Who knows. All I know is the remaining Tandy store in Broward is the only place I’ve been able to find grommets that aren’t paper thin and self destruct when you try to set them. 🙂

Already we see that font...
I remember he had this... but elaborately stained, tooled, and laced like crazy.
I have a love/hate relationship with that ruby blade after it got my fingers hidden deep in a disheveled box of tools...
Anyone else get the mental picture of this being laid out at a scout meeting?
Not anymore, but they still have a bunch nationwide.

Interestingly, the mail order worked via the stores – you’d send the order to your nearby store.

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