HP: locked up like Fort Knox.

Thanks, HP*, we really didn’t need that awful unnecessary number of choices should we need a replacement or larger power supply on your workstation computers.

+12, -12, +12Vsb, who needs more? Not you

Let’s take a closer look:


Half the motherboard is power converters with questionable thermal management. Your drives are being powered by the motherboard. Dafuq?!

If that wasn’t strange enough, note “P2” there.


“power comm”

Go. Fuck. Yourselves.

* I am not even sure anymore if it’s actually Hewlett-Packard or just someone who licensed the “hp” trade dress. Even Compaq was never this hilariously dedicated at forcing vendor lock in. Hell, this is even worse than Dell with their power supplies that have nonstandard plugs and housings shaped like a Lego brick unsticker. At least those actually, you know, supplied the power. Holy shit on a stick.

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