I may just be the new guy buuuut…

Why? Why does a burned out Evertz VIP multi-viewer card smell like sightly burnt pancake syrup?! The card won’t show any signs of life upon receiving +12vdc power from the Evertz Multiframe. It’s gonna go back for some tender loving care at the factory.

We’ve had a rash of failures on these boards as of late and that makes life interesting when there are a LOT of them in service throughout the facility.

The soundtrack for pondering this nonsense is below.

One horribly expensive short stack.
Audio input section. The card can take audio from all the incoming sources.
Something down in this area smells like pancakes. This is between two of the three cards.
Strangest. Flapjack. Ever.

Thanks to Shane Toven for revealing the likely underlying cause of all the failsauce: cooling!

Evertz 7700 frame: cooling is via two small fans on the back.

Newer 7800FR-QT frame: this is apparently the low noise version. The 7800FR has the same design as above but the -QT gives you this wonderful front panel:

It's like a gust front in your rack.

Guess which one I like better? 😉

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