miami-dade, you disappoint.

This afternoon I was riding the Metromover from Omni to Government Center, and a guy who looked very grungy got on and kind of just collapsed in the corner of the train and started taking a nice long huff off a computer “air” duster can, then blacked out and dropped the can. Other people aboard the train laughed, I called 911.

I reported our location and the guy’s condition, and that he was nonresponsive. The dispatcher told me to ask him if he needed rescue and call back. I refused to accept this as a solution. Next, she said there was nothing they could do as we were on a moving train. It pulled into Eleventh Street, which I reported to her. Again she replied there was nothing they could do. I just pretty much kept her on the line until he regained conciousness. His face was totally wrecked around his mouth from frostbite.

He got off at park west and walked off. So he’s not dead YET, but it’s only a matter of time, and it’s clear that Miami-Dade County doesn’t give even half a taxpayer-funded shit.

Anyone know how to clear a BlackBerry out of emergency callback mode?

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