Midway there


I left too late this morning to take a train to work and now I’m once again taking the awful evening drive out of Miami.

I’m writing this while waiting in a line where maybe one car gets out every 5 minutes. So far I’ve burned 2.7 gallons of gas.

I forgot just what a soul sucking pit of traffic and crowded desolation this drive really is.

…Crawling through cities and towns with no community.

Fences, guard houses, walls, and special taxing districts to seal out the outside world they destroyed by isolating from it.

If the traffic had been clear when I left work and I just kept driving, I could have been in Fort Myers or Melbourne by now.

Where are the outlets for creativity? Where is the enjoyment? What’s left here? The brain drain can’t be this complete, can it?

Why did you really buy into thinking this would bring enjoyment?

What’s the point in even living and working here? All I’m seeing is an overpriced warehouse for people with a few Brazilian owned stalls selling Chinese made trinkets and frozen factory farmed junk food.

I guess there’s a beach but it’s all walled off too.

The common expression is to be tired of a town — but what do you call it when it’s a string of identical towns with no community or creativity?

No life on this frequency.

Where’s the warmth, the excitement, the energy, and the experience of man rejoining with nature?

How the fuck many locations does Wings gift shop even have?!

This just all makes me feel a bit hopeless, like I’m seeing nothing to gain and living a useless life that’s half wasted already. Nobody cares unless we ruin something that was important to someone else. We ourselves could just rot away unnoticed.

Rest assured most of this hopeless feeling depression clears upon arriving home for the evening. Or at this rate, tomorrow’s wee hours of morning.

And there you have it, what a few hours in traffic does to the mind. Push the red button. Thanks.

One thought on “Midway there”

  1. I keep telling you Tom. Leave that hell hole.I live 30 miles from a city of 100K and 100 miles from KC. A touch more to STL. Never been happier with living conditions than here. Plus we got humidity. So you wont have to miss that. We also have this thing that we call seasons. And not just Rainy and Dry.

    But seriously, Florida is America’s wang. Oh cant forget sink holes and that Florida will soon be a series of islands.

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