Not quite as bad… Shasta Bally

As the Carr fire continued in Whiskeytown, we had no power to our site but a remote control continued operating on the generator. The final data I got from it showed 140F stack temp above the transmitter and 122F at its chassis.

The cause: burnination.

Thanks to Matt at Valley Industrial Communications for these pictures and for being a far braver soul than I…

Hey look, it’s still got a roof!

In the CCTV video, the radomes are seen being melted off these dishes and heaved farther up the peak.

The weird looking box thing on the front is another vent.

The tower and antennas here look fine.

It looks like the lower half of each roof truss burned away.

My theory is that the fire either entered through the vents at the back when the Manzanitas next to it exploded into flames, or the fire started up under the eaves.

WordPress doesn’t always get YouTube right on mobile so here’s the link to the CCTV footage.

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