Okay whose corn flakes did I piss in

I’m banned from Walmart??

I tried to make a purchase there using my credit card. The machine would get to where it asked me to sign then said “unable to process transaction” and a message printed to the cashier. She called over a manager who informed me that the a note that came up in the point of sale system reflects that I’m banned from their stores nationwide.

He added that there was no information filled out in the system indicating why, and that he felt that was in error and, though he couldn’t override it preventing me from using any payment card in my name, he politely let me check out for part of my items in cash before I left.

That’s…… Special. I’ve never even heard of anything this bizarre.

No, this is in no way related to my having quietly taken a photo of that hazardous exit door.

I’m quite confused but not entirely even mad.

Picture of unrelated fail.

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