Oops, I’m spoiled rotten now.


I just realized how badly spoiled I am from this piece of modern technology. This is a PreSonus StudioLive 16.4.2 digital mixing console. Each channel, buss, and aux has its own equalizer, dynamics processing (gate, compressor, limiter), and everything can be stored and recalled in scene memory including the faders. They’re not motorized on this board but that doesn’t really matter. There are also two internal reverb processors that sound perfectly okay.

What’s going to happen now when I have to mix on an old analog console where it doesn’t even have a weird sounding analog compressor on the mic in channels?

I’m up the creek, man. Spoiled rotten. Perhaps I should squirrel away a few pennies for my own console with digital snake (ADCs remote mounted; only an Ethernet cable runs to the stage!)


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