Utter madness.

This is a mad shitpost.

I just don’t get it. Who in their right mind decided that, for a remote, difficult to access Class C, 28000 watt ERP FM…. to have exactly *one* transmitter on site?

And that being the case, why was the maintenance on this allowed to slip so long? Oh wait, because you can’t do shit without going off air. Right.

The poor thing is just totally frosted with filth inside. Now it’ll run for maybe 15-20 minutes then do an arcy sparky and restart. Sometimes.

To avoid plate, I mean, page overload—

I have no photos that actually describe the fuckery that is the road to this peak.

This is what it looked like tonight. I literally slid about a mile down it unable to stop after the rain started. Well at least I didn’t have to worry about overheated brakes!

Are those actual fucking selenium ass rectifiers?! Why?! What the fuck?? They’re everywhere inside this rig and that makes me want to just nope right out of there.

This motorized pot for the power adjust was all fucked up until a previous visit when I taught it to fear the back end of my screwdriver.

So were the loading and tuning control motors. On a side note, these gear motors are about as easy to come by as the pubic hair of a unicorn.

What the fuck, I need a vacation and a couple of proper modern-ass transmitters I can keep in good health up here, preferably in that order. Goodbye for now, beige brick. I’ll be back.

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