Well my job can’t begin here yet.

Nothing left to do now but get a very strong adult beverage. The Carr fire hit the site—

Left cabinet was a CSI 3KW on KEWB-FM, center rack was exciters and STL and the aux for KNCQ-FM, rightmost rack was a BRAND NEW Nautel VS 2.5 that seems to have just… vaporized. All the aluminum parts of everything just disappeared, including a brand new 2-port Bext combiner that was going in along with the Nautel for a new project. A tech who came up found the propane line burning in the wreckage like a torch and shut it off at the tank.

There was also a VHF repeater for an air ambulance service and the gear for two wireless ISPs in the building, which dated back to the early 1990s.

Note the Fibrebond structures fully intact in the background.

The two towers up there experienced extreme heat, melting every plastic part about halfway up.

3 thoughts on “Well my job can’t begin here yet.”

  1. Yes. You have a job ahead of you, but the fire cleansed a lot of sins that had been committed in that building. This may have been the best thing that could have happened.

  2. I’m so sorry to see the damage! I hope that there will be a rising from the ashes after an appropriate mourning period. At least one (virtual) round on me in the meantime.

    73s and best wishes

    1. We’re working on an interim setup to get back on air from our parking lot… The mountain top sites will be rebuilt, harder, better, faster, stronger! 😀

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