What’s up with Perimeter Road?

Yes, this is me whining about traffic in Miami again, at least somewhat.
To the south of Miami International Airport, there are two roads. There’s a small surface street, Perimeter Road, and a large cluster-f-bomb toll road, 836 / Dolphin Expressway.

Recently 836 switched to open road tolling with quite unaffordable tolls and extra bonus front facing cameras on the toll gantries that photograph the faces of the occupants of a vehicle while dazzling them with a high power strobe (WTF?).


Perimeter Road just remained as it was until about last week, when signs went up declaring it to be used for airport traffic only. Additional signs indicate it’s now part of the airport’s secure area and anyone using the road is consenting to search and seizure of their vehicle or its contents.

What, may I inquire, the Fuck?
Does MDX just really want everyone paying $1.50 and up for the privilege of getting parked up on the 836, or was this the result of some new aviation security directives?

Nothing and everything surprise me here.

2 thoughts on “What’s up with Perimeter Road?”

  1. I agree. Who voted for this? They should be voted out of office. And why are there MDX signs along the 836 perimeter road west of 87th Avenue? Are we paying tolls to ride on public streets now? Who approved this sham?

    1. There’s absolutely no transparency in our local government, we won’t know if it ever even went up for a vote.

      But all in all, no, you can’t have any alternative routes to those beautiful, state of the art MDX expressways.

      And the sweet, sweet toll revenue. Make it rain!!!

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