When Headhunters Strike, Part 2


Remember how I had the one recruiter hammering my phone before leaving me a hilarious voicemail?

I’m now getting four different recruiters (and counting) hammering my phone for a position with the same exact description, but at least one of them came with, attached, an explanation of why these callers just never stop — there’s apparently big money in this. Or is there?


Either way, that’s all substantial amounts of money they’re not gonna give to the actual workers.

Vitaver Referral Program

Referral Program Stage I


Refer a Candidate to any of our open positions and we will reward you with a $600.00 check

provided that the Candidate has not been contacted by us already, we place him/her for any

position during the following 12 months, and he/she remains employed by us past 90 days.


Referral Program Stage II


Refer a new Client to us and when we make the first placement with this Client during the

following 12 months, you will be rewarded with $2,000.00.

In addition, when you reach $6,000.00 in referral bonuses from us within a 12 month period, we

will give you an additional $6,000.00 incentive, for a total of $12,000.00!

Send your referrals to bonus@vitaver.com or in response to me.

*Vitaver & Associates, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. It is the company’s policy to make all employment decisions without regard to age, race, color, religion, national origin, sex, disability, veteran status, or any other protected status in accordance with applicant federal, state, and local laws.

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