Interesting… Valve has hidden an Easter egg in the latest update to Team Fortress 2. It adds banana peels as a crafting item, and attempting to craft two banana peels together leads to a Banana Error.

See for yourself at 14 seconds into the video.

Note the hex codes at the end of the Banana Error message. When the content of the Banana Errors is combined (probably by order based on Banana Error number), it’s beginning to form a PNG image with a QR code in it.

There is suspicion that once the QR code is complete enough to be readable (it doesn’t have to be TOTALLY complete, thanks to QR’s embedded forward error correction), this may lead us to the long-awaited Meet The Pyro video!

It’s rare as hell that I even think about videogames, but this is just too damn clever and I totally want to see whether the Pyro’s male or female. It’s been a MYSTERY, you see. I don’t even play TF2 and this is most intriguing.

— Updated: It was decoded!! It leads here —

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