Today, Facebook seems to be having an issue with their advertising, at least with their choice of ads they’re serving up to me. I didn’t get a screenshot, but the first one was an ad for Demonia boots for $20 with a couple of stolen photos of the Cyberdog store in Camden, and the domain it linked to was registered two days ago. Sure, yeah… no. I reported it as a scam.

Then came the absolute batshit hilarity. Most were really obvious scams trying to fish for personal info:

Then came the ads published on obviously stolen pages:

Yeah it literally just linked to Google

The snake oil:

And then, uh, the utterly baffling:

But the creme de la creme? Or whatever that expression is

And this is on the site that was supposed to become the weird metaverse we’d all interact and shop in, in virtual reality and shit. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha loldongs

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