Today, Facebook seems to be having an issue with their advertising, at least with their choice of ads they’re serving up to me. I didn’t get a screenshot, but the first one was an ad for Demonia boots for $20 with a couple of stolen photos of the Cyberdog store in Camden, and the domain it linked to was registered two days ago. Sure, yeah… no. I reported it as a scam.

Then came the absolute batshit hilarity. Most were really obvious scams trying to fish for personal info:

Then came the ads published on obviously stolen pages:

Yeah it literally just linked to Google

The snake oil:

And then, uh, the utterly baffling:

But the creme de la creme? Or whatever that expression is

And this is on the site that was supposed to become the weird metaverse we’d all interact and shop in, in virtual reality and shit. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha loldongs

who out there having their disney VHS’s graded

yOu’rE AlL 👨 RuDe 🖕🙅 ♂ i’m 😁👆 👁đŸ˜ģ jUsT đŸģ 🍅💭 TrYiNg 😔 đŸ˜ŧđŸ˜ŧ tO đŸ’Ļ SeLl đŸ’ĩđŸ’ĩ đŸ’ĩ💲 sOmE đŸ‘†đŸ’¯ 👆 DiSnEy tApEs. On 🍌 🔛➡ a 🏃 💅 gOoD 👌👀 🐸 DaY â„ĸ đŸ˜Ģ YoU 😨🍆 👉👆 CaN đŸ’Ļ GeT 🔟đŸ’Ļ A đŸŋ DoLlAr ❎🆗 🔜 a đŸ˜¯đŸ…ŋ pIeCe. 🍗 🍗🍗 I 👀 SoLd đŸŒĢ tHeM ❤ On 🔛 eBaY FoR 🍆 40 bUcKs 💸💸 💸 a 👏👌 pIeCe. 🍗 🍗🍗 CaN đŸ”Ģ AnYbOdY 👧đŸ‘Ļ TeLl 📞 🛑😩 mE ❤ 😂 WhAt ⁉😂 tHeSe 👈🚱 🈷☠ aRe 👴 🏾đŸšĨ wOrTh. đŸ’ĩ💸 💰đŸ’ĩ BlAcK 🏴â—ŧ DiAmOnD 💎 DiSnEy vHs fOr đŸ˜ļ🔜 sAlE $10 🔟 đŸ’¯ EaCh. 👏👏 👏 I 😎🙅 KnOw 💕🤔 😲🤔 nOtHiNg đŸšĢ🙅 🙅 aBoUt 🤖 vHs bUt i 😡👏 👴 gOt đŸ”Ē tO 🌒 👉 Go 🔙 🙏♂ iNtO 😩 A GrOuP 🅱🅱 đŸ‘Ĩ AnD đŸģ 👏 CoMmEnT 🔰 🔰đŸ’Ŧ WhEn 😂 đŸ’Ļ i đŸģ👁 👅👨 dOn’t 😡 kNoW 💭😱 NoThInG đŸ’Ļ đŸ”ĢđŸ”Ģ AbOuT 🤔🤷 đŸ’Ļ💭 It. đŸ¤”đŸ’¯ We 👴😍 🤝đŸ‘ĩ kEeP 👌👌 🙊🏃 HeArInG ThIs âŦ‡đŸ–– nOnSeNsE 😡 EvErYdAy. 👨📆 DiSnEy vHs iS 😂đŸ’Ļ GaRbAgE 🚮🗑 ThRoW đŸĨŠđŸ˜ˇ đŸĨŠđŸ˜ˇ ThEm 👌 🛂😃 aWaY 😭đŸ˜Ŧ 🙅 Or 💁 👉 dOnAtE ThEm 🙊 đŸ˜ŖđŸŧ nObOdY 🤐 WaNtS ☝💩 ☝ ThEm pLaIn đŸĻ aNd ➕ sImPlE. âšĒ♂

shitposting loudly

On the hunt again

Last week we had a horribly long engineering staff meeting that basically pointed out to me that we’re all destined to be burned out like our damn transmission line in the coming months. I’m quite done with this. We were promised there’d be big improvements and then saw them yanked away and replaced with the promise of enjoying what will eventually degrade into “Just In Time Scheduling“. Yeah, how about no.

Spunk Trumpet

That being said, I’m gonna be exploring other career opportunities with companies that don’t treat their mission critical staff like rodents.

Old UPN network lighting gobo

I had such high hopes for this company. It was great…. three mergers, four reductions in force, and one massive consolidation of HR and talent acquisition later. Now it’s just a slow burn of crushing cheapness and presumably, tax writeoffs of everything that doesn’t just get asset stripped.

Anyone interested in having a rather silly but talented engineer come work for them? I have 20 years experience in the field, including TV, FM and AM radio. I’d post a full resume here but I don’t exactly want everyone’s bots to come knocking yet. Also, I shitpost a lot. Maybe I need to write up a public resume in the form of a shitpost. That’d fool all the bots and give me the ability to sneak in cat pictures.

Meanwhile, here’s a sleepy kitty.

UwU I tell you hwat.

STALL WARNING! JET PIPE OVERHEAT! TOILET FAIL! The current state of the electronics industry.

This post has a very amusing URL.

Warning: Crude humor ahead as a coping mechanism. As I work in an industry that is completely dependent on the continued availability of electronic parts and devices, this shit makes me worry and I’m forced to make terrible jokes to get by. Or something. No wait, I always do this, carry on. Balls.

A few years back I started noticing that the state of the electronics industry was one in which, basically, you go to China for everything. Need parts? China. Need design work? China. Manufacturing? China… but following the Trans-Pacific Partnership, don’t forget to technology transfer all details of your design to the manufacturer, so they can cheerfully take off and ghost shift and clone your product! Need to order parts for one of the few remaining operations somewhere else in the world? China… and… good luck.

this sure looks like a good place to drop BLOWSOUND

To reduce manufacturing costs, almost all work is outsourced offshore to where one can find the lowest possible labor costs for skilled work, and there is a tendency towards consolidating everything into a few large facilities where the cost of operation can be further reduced. To even further reduce costs, parts are not stocked, they are ordered for “Just In Time” supply, as the cost of maintaining warehouse facilities or winding up with leftover parts in stock are considered unnecessary waste.

Well, all of this basically put everyone’s nuts in a Chinese vise with particularly rough surfaced jaws that was being very slowly tightened.

During a certain urinal stain-colored person’s time as president, a ridiculous trade war dropped, which had no effect on reducing problems with Chinese led market manipulations, but put in place a lot of impediments to supply chains to almost every imaginable industry.

In short, the Chinese vise was replaced by a 10,000 ton hydraulic press that everyone’s nuts were secured into with Gorilla Glue, with the motor left running, and about 300 different corporations and foreign governments given little clicker remotes that will smash and explode whatever’s between the surfaces with a quick and easy press.

Several of the buttons have all been pushed now. SPPPLRRRRRRTTTTTTTTTT

From what I gather, we’ve reached a point where the industry is either going to have to sit on its hands waiting almost a year for parts, or actually, you know, do something about it. I’ve been seeing several people lament that they’ve had to suddenly redesign boards to work around parts that have gone unavailable with 40-80 week manufacturer lead times (!) or entirely redesign around different microcontroller architectures and stuff. Boards are being designed to have parallel connections to two or more different pad layouts to accommodate whatever part happens to be in stock when the device goes into production…. but that only gets you so far.

Common parts like normally 30 cent voltage regulators are anywhere between 60 week lead time and Fuck You NLA because some companies saw the light that there’s massive profit in inducing scarcity…. and bought up all the parts to just sit on them, selling what are either the real parts or complete fakes, for $15 and up. The same buy and scalp model that has applied to computer video cards is now being used on, well, everything…. and it fucking blows. Normally these brokers are only able to lock down supplies of obsolete parts that are no longer in production — this is the first time I’ve ever seen them able to leverage the lead times of active, in-production parts, because they’re able to create unpredictable demand spikes and kill the Just-In-Time supply.

Just like what morons did with toilet paper………

If we actually had manufacturing capacity outside of, you know, one or two big fab houses in China that have HUGE lead times because they have other orders to fulfill before they can tool up for a run of one particular part prior to manufacturing, then packaging and overseas shipping, we probably wouldn’t have this problem. Also, if there were actual stocks of parts kept by the manufacturers of devices or by suppliers, we wouldn’t be in a situation where a few guys who have some extra Shitcoin money can buy up all the STM32’s and completely lock down availability. Fuck you if you claim you didn’t see this shit coming, this was ENTIRELY AVOIDABLE, and at this point there is only one way out… and it’s a rough one… but we’re gonna have to take it.

The ONLY way out of this will be to re-establish manufacturing of electronic parts in the US and other places. The big problem with doing this? We’ve already sent everything to China…. But it still has to be done.

Sucky transmitter site road for illustration of the rocky road ahead. It goes somewhere, it just shakes you up a bit along the way.

The best thing I can liken this to would be the electronics industry in the USSR after they effectively pissed off EVERYONE else and nobody would sell them electronics, so they had to scramble to get production set up locally. Some of it had to be done with the aid of industrial espionage because they just didn’t know what they were doing, and a lot of it was really weird looking or strange quality because… they just didn’t know what they were doing. This weird Soviet transistor could be used as almost a textbook example. Eventually, though, they got up and running making some really high quality stuff, particularly vacuum tubes which remained in production for quite a while to support older equipment.

Yeah— stuff’s gonna look weird at first, and there may be reliability issues, but we’ve gotta do it, or we simply will not have electronics anymore, and that just isn’t gonna work for anyone.

I don’t really know what we have left in the way of semiconductor fabrication, testing, or fabrication facilities in the US. The only one I’m really aware of is Skyworks in Newbury Park, California, who make the RF power amplifiers used in… well, damn near everything— if you’re reading this on a mobile or wifi equipped device, your packets went through one. It was also, amusingly, featured in a music video.  The building shown in the aerial photo zoom is not the Skyworks plant, it’s some arena in Utah. I’ve always imagined it must make an interesting sound when you walk down that hallway with the air jets that dislodge dust from your clothing. Maybe I’ll find out firsthand when someone brings me in because I’m the only one who knows how to program the variable frequency drive in a conveyor belt in the cleanroom or something.

Also, what is with the weird half-video-line artifact at the bottom of the screen here? This is an older video and was edited in 4:3 standard definition. I’ve seen this half truncated line at the bottom of the screen in a few different videos and I have no idea what causes it. I got into television after it all got digital and hi-def and boring and stuff. My DVCAM gear doesn’t do it, I’m thinking it’s possibly attributed to a timing oddity on analog tape gear. Maybe we’ll be going back to tape soon if we don’t get flash memory manufacturing geared up in time…. or… film. I mean, someone at Eastman Kodak must still remember how to make that stuff, right?

Well at least you didn’t invest everything in WeWork stock

This table has been back here sporadically on weekends ever since like 2018. The guys running it always give me such charmingly disgusted looks if I walk by it. Back when they first appeared they were more, uh, energetic and would give me impolite catcalls if I got near them while going into the Dollar Tree. Now they just look really exhausted and dejected.

My only guess as to why they’re still here: they blew tens of thousands of dollars on Trump 2020 crap thinking they were buying into a gold mine and have been trying to unload it ever since.

Your empire has burned to ash, just walk away.

Shhh, I’m hiding


I haven’t looked at traffic stats on this site for ages, but I have noticed two stupid things: one, Facebook now thinks all links to it are spam (and Fucking Zucc’d everyone who ever posted or shared one, very nice and typical of them) and two, Google page rank is down in the low Fuck This Shit I’m Out tier.

I suspect the loss of Google rank is due to my removing the share buttons that were causing *LOTS* of extraneous scripts to run from Facebook and useless third party cookies to be set by Pinterest and Twitter. I hope turning off the share buttons wasn’t also what caused a lot of innocent Facebook users to potentially get lobbed in Facebook Jail. Then again, what doesn’t, that site is complete trash and has an advertising market which cheerfully allows stuff like this:

Facebook: Because We Care. No wait, we don’t. Huaghgaghgghggghhghllhglfllhlllgg.

Oh, also, enjoy your ransomware campaigns. The only saving grace was that the command and control server didn’t work at the time that the ads went live. You’d think Facebook would have maybe blacklisted fake Clubhouse ads just like they’ve blacklisted, you know, this totally harmless blog…. but of course not. There’s a definite double standard at work and FB Ads will cheerfully take content that’d get a normal user thrown in the Zucc Hole.

But enough about that. Here’s my cat being adorable.

No just take it back

It’s possible this was an April Fool’s post. But anyway…

Earlier today I posted a scandalous picture of a vacuum tube to Facebook and they immediately deleted my account. I hit the button to request a review and they gave it back… Now I can see that they’re selling ad space to this thing:

Yes, that’s apparently a pepper spray equipped Internet of Turds doorbell

Yeah uh I’ll thank you not to weaponize the Internet of Turds. This needs to be filed right alongside the CellMate dick locker in the IoT Devices That Should Never Have Been Hall of Fame.

In case you’re curious about that CellMate – Click here after preparing yourself to laugh very hard.

we’re all doomed under capitalism

Citrix posted this really feel-good cheeky shit to Twitter and I had to be a smartass and reply about how a lot of businesses are exploiting work from home to sneak extra work into every hour of employees’ days …

…. And then a company that makes surveillance spyware for companies to use on their remote workers comes along and fucking likes my reply.

Thank you Mr. Hitchcock