Here’s your sign. (CQ Hamsexy!)


See that eBay auction listing printout attached to the top cover? That’s the “I’m a douchebag” sign! This is really a complaint I have with sellers of used electronic equipment in general; it’s been observed in everything from thrift stores to individuals selling gear at hamfests, even garage sales. The printout is for a listing for another unit of the same model with a Buy It Now price – this does not mean that anyone would ever actually buy the unit at this price. Nevermind the fact that the eBay listing is for one listed as fully working and this one, well, the extent of its functionality is that you can plug it in and turn it on and a very old muffin fan with dried out bearings sloooowly growls to life.

This whole concept of trying to use eBay prices, ESPECIALLY *UNSOLD* eBay listing prices, as a guide for pricing on unrelated items elsewhere is completely stupid. Some people will insist on selling stuff for the unrelated item’s eBay price, or insist that they’re giving you a great deal because it’s lower than the eBay price. Well, no… that’s comparing apples to oranges, it just doesn’t work because it’s two totally different items.

“USED WORKING…” … dank douchecanoe.


PLEASE STOP DOING THAT. I used to hold my tongue about it when I saw people doing it in the past, but nowadays I call them out on it, because I’m some kind of sinister goth troll and will proceed to shame them for being full of proverbial manure when they try to shame me for offering less than the eBay price on some piece of equipment they’re selling. Just as I wasn’t going to pay the stupid high eBay Buy It Now price on this thing to whoever’s selling it on there… I wasn’t about to here either.

(Wound up getting it for $25 as part of a deal for a really nice power supply that was sitting next to it anyway… it was one of those “Can I give you this smaller amount for it so you don’t have to lug it home?” things.)

Sorry, now that you’ve watched me venting about this stupidity here, here’s what you really came to my site for:


All circuit boards shown beyond are over 18 years of age. 🙂

 From inside the instrument shown above:

wpid-imag3457.jpgIt’s too nice… can’t bring myself to part it out.


wpid-imag3446.jpg99.9985 kilocycles. There are three of these on each side of the unit, as part of crystal filters.


Classy IC package
I suspect that tiny package on the left is a RELAY!!! Seriously. RELAY, barely bigger than a pencil eraser.


Gold plated crosshatch groundplane.
Gold plated crosshatch groundplane. Also, note HP 1820-xxxx part numbers with chip fab’s logo. Date codes 1978?
Unusual IC/hybrid package. I suspect it’s a delay line.


Really cool Allen-Bradley precision resistor network, metal film on glass slide with loopy fractal-esque series / parallel links





Front panel on the dead one. The toggle switches are on a separate board. This is actually with the unit powered on and growling unpleasantly.




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