I’ll never complain about that dumb floor outlet again

I used to go to the Melbourne hamfest every year. Hosted by the Platinum Coast Amateur Radio Society, it’s a really nice show, usually coinciding with pretty good weather up on Florida’s Space Coast.

This year I didn’t get to go because my scheduled vacation days for the event were wiped out at pretty much the last minute. I seem to remember being there last year though, and tripping several times on a floor mounted power outlet in one of the first rows of the inside vendors’ area. They throw a rug over it, but it’s… silly. It’s used to provide power to the first couple rows of tables. I can’t say I noticed if it’d be possible to drop it down from above, even though I’ve snuck all around the venue in places I shouldn’t really have even known to exist. That one ladder, man… every year I forget just how DIRTY that thing gets and thank myself for wearing black clothes all the time…

For no particularly good reason I started browsing around its area on Google Earth in ground level view.

So, okay, the imagery isn’t all that good. Not surprising…

Maybe a little rough.
Maybe a little rough.


Okay, let’s see what happens if we try to move inside and….

Okay, you can just plug that extension cord right into the Milky Way there...
Okay, you can just plug that extension cord right into the Milky Way there…






Man, what kind of show did I miss here?!

On a side — this is about what my dreams look like nowadays if I can even remember them. That’s why it weirded me out so much seeing Google Earth glitch this way. I kind of just wondered if my brain was giving up the ghost. Just need to hold out a while longer — only ten more days then I get *one* day off from work to recover a bit. Yay? I’m currently in the middle of a 16 day straight marathon from hell and already feeling it…

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