Okay guys, you win this game.



there was a game on for spookiest “we know people are stupid” warning labels, Continental-Girbau won it with this baby. I’m not sure how old these machines are, but they do have a hilarious number of safety features to them including a 30 second countdown followed by another 10 second countdown before the drum starts turning, and a stop button on the front panel. You know, just in case you didn’t realize for a few seconds that throwing someone in there with your laundry was a bad idea.

One thought on “Okay guys, you win this game.”

  1. Could be an industrial dough whacker. Had a good friend up at Lance Bakery in Charollette. Showed me how those great Captains Wafers are made from scratch. Just about every where I looked something had a warning. Warning this machine will slice and dice any human beyond this line..What line !….Warning Danger Packing and Palleting Robots will not stop….All robots have the right of way past this point ! Danger Oven will not be stopped or cooled for any reason….

    Finally as we were snagin crackers of the belt before the Safron preservative coating.Great warm comfort food..I asked bill what the big ass MRI coil was for..body part detection ? …Noo..thats the metal detector…so we can recover the jewlery,and things like car keys, loose change..you know we wouldn’t anyone crunching down on a dime in a cracker.
    But seriously those places are pure super kitchen appliances with brains.

    Disclaimer here..Bill Disher RIP was the prankster of pranksters and the CEO so he could get away with ribbing me to exhausted frustration. The man wrote his own eulogy and his Son tried to keep it together…it started out with the line…And a man walked into a bar….
    Lucky for the Herald news subscribers you can’t write your on obit..

    Lets get some good labels…#DanScott you have to have a few good shots at Rocketdyne to post…

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