PC Load Letter is too good for you, peon.

Confound these printers! They drive me to drink!

So we got these new multifunction printer/scanner/fax machines at work, some newer thing from Canon, and they’re absolutely ridiculous. When you walk up to one you’re presented with a login prompt with a horrible on screen keyboard, but also with an RFID reader. Once you’ve logged in you can link it to whatever RFID macguffin you’re carrying.

My director of technology successfully did it with his access control badge, but the machine kinda just… did … things… without any useful feedback as to it linking successfully.

I tried it and the RFID reader beeped and the machine didn’t respond. I logged out and back in (this takes three whole ass minutes). Nothing.

On a whim I tried making my Flipper Zero emulate the UID of my Clipper card.

*beep* success.

The actual Clipper card works too.

Clearly this is a sign from the universe of the superiority of public transit


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