Philips, You just went full Funai. You never go full Funai.

Public service announcement:
Do not buy any new “Philips” brand consumer electronics products. Philips has just exited the consumer electronics business, and what you’ll be getting is Funai corporation garbage with the Philips brand name on it. See also: Brand name necrophilia. Sorry, this means even less good options in the nearly completed race to the bottom that is the light bulb market. I’d stick with Cree LED bulbs for now.

Via Wall Street Journal. 

As an added bonus, here’s a Funai TV on fire. It’s supposed to be flame retardant, but the only thing that finally stopped it was a blast from the garden hose. Yeah I’m sure it met the specifications it got UL listed under….. if it ever actually was and didn’t just have a UL logo stamped on it in utter fraud. 😉

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