With a little help from my friends.

This is just a post of shout outs and appreciation for all the wonderful times we’ve shared.

Thank you…….

Pic unrelated

To Elyse, the coolest librarian ever, Pablo KJ4PAP, Kyle and Brennan [no call yet, we need to fix this], Peter, Merritt, Kenn Marshall, Dean W2WDW….

KI4LJM, for reminding me to never give up

Ron W1XBS, for helping me just be myself, now drifting off with the skywaves…

Miguel, Ryan, Frank, and all the others who shared my crazy idea of throwing a freaking hamfest and activation of the TCFW link

Sean Dream, Marishka, and Erica, for being generally amazing artistic badasses

Sergio, who truly shares my insane passion for radio broadcasting

Shane, for being such an inspiration, and Leo, for smiling puppeh support

Josh, who shares my same goofy sense of humor

Jorge, drawing lines in the digital sands

The Radiate family, for all the great times.

Mikey, the RF magician. Seriously….

And to everyone else… You know who you are 😉

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