The fake pizza racket

I’m posting this now upon hearing from a guest at work that it’s also happening on Miami Beach. Beware!

Something that kind of surprised me not too long ago… When checking into a resort near Disney World, we were greeted by this silly looking sign in our room…



I thought it was clearly a thing intended to increase sales at the in house Pizza Hut, but then this janky thing showed up the next morning.

There is no restaurant location listed.

The phone number is not associated with any listed business… anywhere.

Quite the interesting scam, free credit card info up the wazoo for the price of just printing up some fake pizza menus and spamming them in a hotel.

Whenever I’m staying somewhere I usually just ask the front desk for recommendations, they usually also keep takeout/delivery menus for local places at the desk too. There’s always Yelp and such. Just beware the fake advertisements for nonexistent wheat and wheat byproducts.

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