Wide open spectrum up there.

Apparently, Galaxy 17 is pretty interesting to tune in nowadays on a Ku band satellite truck, there are exactly three transponders known to be used on there now and they’re all intermittent event feeds. Only thing coming down from there is the beacon.

And in case you’re wondering if you can fit Tauros in the truck:

hey this isn’t my pokeball! let me out of here!

One thought on “Wide open spectrum up there.”

  1. I wish just talking with Austin Pelnar the other day, he says the live shots have all gone to mobile cellular now. Good grief. (WARNING: OLD MAN YELLS AT CLOUD:) Back in MY day, we did ANALOG ku-uplinks. Find Dr Gene Scott and you can step your way to any sat you want! This even worked for a long time after going digital. And we had a plain old rabbit-ear TV that the talent would cue themselves by. Some hardly bothered with the dial-up IFB unless it was going to be out of the signal area. In the hayday of SNG, finding a blank spot on 85 degrees west during the evening news was tricky.

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