If you’re so smart, explain this, Clarissa



HD-SDI on old RG-59 cable?! How…. No, why, was this done and why does it actually work?


Some day this will hatch into a beautiful butterfly.

I don’t know how this was wired. I legitimately can’t figure it out. Long handled BNC extraction tools aside, I can’t understand how anyone was actually able to see the back of the router to make the connections.



Once in a while, I find myself questioning my direction in life

Seriously, I’m having a great time here, even if my brain does occasionally rattle a bit…

Disney Magic

For all the amazing things about the Walt Disney World parks—- egads, their website is a mess.


I dunno, it gets the job done, but there are a lot of dead links and things that just don’t exactly convey Disney Magic. 😉

Being that this is nothing more than a mere shitpost, here, have some memes




How to best enjoy “The Real”

Just sit back, relax, and light off a bad CPU fan.

This CPU fan is off a $LOLWTF robotic broadcast camera control system. “Enter Bearing”? Sleeve bearing. They cheaped out on the fan!! Why?! When you pay THAT MUCH for a product, is it wrong to expect it to be built to last?

Well then. This is more enjoyable than a badly done demonstration of how to give yourself waves by braiding your hair and baking it to death with a flat iron.

Machine Vision Surreality

How does Google Earth form these “ground level” images? My guess is it’s via compositing aerial photographs taken at different angles and attempting to basically detect object boundaries then apply the images to them as textures.

It works okay for some things like buildings standing out in the open, not obscured by trees.

For other things, umm…. Well, I particularly like the floaty treeblobs. They give you all the shade of a normal tree, but without any of that pesky risk of bumping into the trunk.

I keep feeling like they should integrate some really stupid auto racing game into this view with amusingly retro controls (like Pole Position)…!

A street corner in Disney's Hollywood Studios
A street corner in Disney’s Hollywood Studios
For whatever reason, the tower's right on, but the rest...
For whatever reason, the tower’s right on, but the rest…

Das Choo Choo

If it ain’t broke, and it’s positively hilarious—

It’s perfect. Don’t “Fix” it.

These videos are of a German “Taurus” locomotive– Siemens EuroSprinter ES 64.

Video of a startup sequence, from onboard – Note that the HMI unit on the dash runs what appears to be Windows 3.x (and starts it DAMN FAST)…

It also, uhhh, does silly things in addition to calling out voice prompts and displaying performance info to the operator…

WARNING: LOUD tone at 35 sec.


The musical silliness does not end there. In fact… the PWM converters used to control the motor speed are not fixed frequency, and they play a rising musical scale upon the train’s departure.


Oh, and the best part? As hilarious as this thing is— IT HELD SPEED RECORDS!


Of course, the French were not to be outdone, and promptly whupped ’em. Not that the Taurus minds, though. It still lives in pride.

Fair Weather Air Conditioning

So I figured if I’m gonna rant about stupid construction, I might as well also mention how not to run a facility air conditioning system.

First, the chillers.

A chiller is essentially a giant version of what’s inside a drinking fountain. It sucks heat out of water and kicks it into the air (usually, but not always… I’ve seen one that heated a swimming pool!)

Or in this case, it does fuckall nothing.


That’s the unit, installed outdoors. The long insulated weinerschnitzel on the bottom is the heat exchanger that circulates water around the evaporator coil of the sealed refrigerant system. This one uses, or used, R-134A. I wonder if it’s all still in there? The two devices on top are a pair of compressors.


Or, maybe, “were”.

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When a picture is worth a million words

….the next thing out of it was “Failed to communicate with the ScanSnap”… I WONDER WHY??

Sorry, the Sketch Aquarium just doesn’t like you anymore.

The Harris Quest FM

I could write volumes on how awful and ridiculous this box is, but… Here, I summarized it in one image: if you add thick eyebrows, a moustache, and a goatee to it, it looks every bit as malevolently untrustworthy as it truly is. They’ve been out of production for a long time (cheers were probably heard all over Quincy when the order to discontinue them was made) and certain key parts are looooong gone.


Cool ferroresonant power supply though.

Maybe it wasn’t a typo?

A while back I spotted this.



Imagine my surprise seeing the package has been redesigned and still says the same thing about the vswr!

I’m now officially recommending this antenna for all deployments of Harris Stingray units, Bluetooth spammers, over modulated pirate FM’s advertising strip clubs, and iHeartMedia stations.

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