The kind of thing you don’t expect to happen. Twice.

Second time finding lost shoes in the newsroom….


At least this time it’s a pair. It kinda makes sense


In that “oh, that’s just the Bermuda Triangle in force” way

Well that was easy


Store management was unable to figure out   it even happened in the first place, but it was determined that my short exile from Walmart was the result of computer error and resolved itself.

I’m still just way too amused it ever happened.

Picture related. Somewhat. FX. actually it should be FS now for F Schneider.


Why any of this? Why am I pulling months old vending machine honey buns from under a newsroom desk?

Oh wait.

I’m a broadcast engineer.

Le sigh…

I think this is also about where i found the lost shoe last month.

Hark! It’s the Turd Alert!!

One of those things that I’m glad isn’t part of my job…. Apparently the pump at foreground cooked. This is a sewage lift pump. Yeah uh, I did controls for these things but the parts thereof that move the brown trout were someone else’s department.

Also there was a really really obnoxiously slippery Tentacool nearby.





When your BrightLine isn’t

Oops! Never trust a semiconductor fart.



Looks like the IRF840 MOSFET lost its Magic Smoke and shorted (Magic Smoke is both an insulator and conductor) and unwarranted voltage got back and explosively decapsulated the controller IC.

I bet this one went Snap Crackle Pop.

This was from an older BrightLine florescent stage light. Newer versions just use a couple of little Advance ballasts instead of a big arse custom PCB. I’m upgrading it to the new hardware.

Oh i bet the viewers smelled this one at home!!

A daily affirmation

Ryko SludgeGloss XS
Ryko SludgeGloss XS
No matter how awkward things look, it’s worth reminding yourself:
“At least I’m not washing rotten goat flesh off my car”

Actually, yesterday, I was. The PDQ LaserWash G5 S-series machine does a good job.


So fitting.

I went to Harbor Freight and used the restroom.

The toilet made one quick sneezing sound when activated and never really flushed right. Furthermore, it would never flush again.

This is so fitting.

For the uninitiated, Harbor Freight is known for tools of such low quality that they only work once... if even.

Harvest Gold.



Apparently, at some unknown point in history, Monsanto and Systron-Donner built test gear and painted it Harvest Gold.

Yeah, Monsanto did have an odd involvement in electronics. They wanted to provide raw materials such as silicon rods and wafers and somehow wound up briefly building equipment and components, including many early LEDs.

There’s an interesting article on the history here, also covering their partnership with the once great Hewlett Packard. The optoelectronic division wound up over at General Instrument and the test and measurement division wound up at Systron-Donner, with a lot of hardware apparently getting sold to Mendelson’s.

But Systron-Donner kept the Harvest Gold, and for that silliness I am glad.

Look at how well it coordinates with that goofy wood edged MDF shelf!

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