who out there having their disney VHS’s graded

yOu’rE AlL 👨 RuDe 🖕🙅 ♂ i’m 😁👆 👁đŸ˜ģ jUsT đŸģ 🍅💭 TrYiNg 😔 đŸ˜ŧđŸ˜ŧ tO đŸ’Ļ SeLl đŸ’ĩđŸ’ĩ đŸ’ĩ💲 sOmE đŸ‘†đŸ’¯ 👆 DiSnEy tApEs. On 🍌 🔛➡ a 🏃 💅 gOoD 👌👀 🐸 DaY â„ĸ đŸ˜Ģ YoU 😨🍆 👉👆 CaN đŸ’Ļ GeT 🔟đŸ’Ļ A đŸŋ DoLlAr ❎🆗 🔜 a đŸ˜¯đŸ…ŋ pIeCe. 🍗 🍗🍗 I 👀 SoLd đŸŒĢ tHeM ❤ On 🔛 eBaY FoR 🍆 40 bUcKs 💸💸 💸 a 👏👌 pIeCe. 🍗 🍗🍗 CaN đŸ”Ģ AnYbOdY 👧đŸ‘Ļ TeLl 📞 🛑😩 mE ❤ 😂 WhAt ⁉😂 tHeSe 👈🚱 🈷☠ aRe 👴 🏾đŸšĨ wOrTh. đŸ’ĩ💸 💰đŸ’ĩ BlAcK 🏴â—ŧ DiAmOnD 💎 DiSnEy vHs fOr đŸ˜ļ🔜 sAlE $10 🔟 đŸ’¯ EaCh. 👏👏 👏 I 😎🙅 KnOw 💕🤔 😲🤔 nOtHiNg đŸšĢ🙅 🙅 aBoUt 🤖 vHs bUt i 😡👏 👴 gOt đŸ”Ē tO 🌒 👉 Go 🔙 🙏♂ iNtO 😩 A GrOuP 🅱🅱 đŸ‘Ĩ AnD đŸģ 👏 CoMmEnT 🔰 🔰đŸ’Ŧ WhEn 😂 đŸ’Ļ i đŸģ👁 👅👨 dOn’t 😡 kNoW 💭😱 NoThInG đŸ’Ļ đŸ”ĢđŸ”Ģ AbOuT 🤔🤷 đŸ’Ļ💭 It. đŸ¤”đŸ’¯ We 👴😍 🤝đŸ‘ĩ kEeP 👌👌 🙊🏃 HeArInG ThIs âŦ‡đŸ–– nOnSeNsE 😡 EvErYdAy. 👨📆 DiSnEy vHs iS 😂đŸ’Ļ GaRbAgE 🚮🗑 ThRoW đŸĨŠđŸ˜ˇ đŸĨŠđŸ˜ˇ ThEm 👌 🛂😃 aWaY 😭đŸ˜Ŧ 🙅 Or 💁 👉 dOnAtE ThEm 🙊 đŸ˜ŖđŸŧ nObOdY 🤐 WaNtS ☝💩 ☝ ThEm pLaIn đŸĻ aNd ➕ sImPlE. âšĒ♂

shitposting loudly

Time to open up the Crayola box again

Heck the rules. Post colorful nonsense.

I’m really pleased with this edit of the KOVR / KMAX STL stick.
Bench top at work

The print up there is by Amara Goldwalker and has a kitty looking out on a neat neon cityscape in it. I have another print of one of her paintings that’ll probably go near my bench at home which has some neon jellyfish action going on in it. I may or may not have gotten her up to this by sending along photos of the jellies doing their thing at the San Francisco aquarium…

Mighty need.

This is probably in Akihabara but would be 100% right at home in any maker/hacker space!!

The following cat is absolute bebby:

Welcome to the Vaporwave Suites

If you look carefully at the texture you can entirely see what I got the colors from. Extra hint: it is…. everywhere throughout this site. :3

I’m gonna have to elaborate more on how utterly cool this old Leader oscilloscope is in a post that’ll require a little more brain foam than I have available right now
very useful feature of the NanoVNA

That’s Fry’s Electronics right before it imploded completely. Even in that sad state it still had more useful products in store than anything in Florida.

Finally… I just randomly scored two Ergotron keyboard/monitor arms. These were $600 new and are just fine aside from some dust and a couple missing screws, washers, and nuts lost when they were removed from service. Guess I now have a solution to the computer taking up too much space on the home workbench!


One of these days I’ll fully fix the web server issues with this site. Today is not that day but I do like the result of changing the LEDs in these kitty eared headphones to near-UV colored ones (similar to NTE’s “Super Purple” color). Well I fixed ssl so uh meow


Yes, anarchist catgirl presenting nonbinary seems like a good description for me.

Bizarre 20 bay FM antenna, I don’t know what they were thinking but it makes for a good meme

So it turns out in addition to bricking themselves, these exciters can also crap out their backup battery. Not sure if I’d call it an improvement over the system in the old Apex M2X as now it’s an unserviceable custom $300 battery pack!?

Anyway let me stop being vexed by stupid transmitters and point out this thing I discovered:

Pink and red eyeshadow do appear to be my absolute jam.

Harmonic Electra X making me mad in several ways nyaa

On the hunt again

Last week we had a horribly long engineering staff meeting that basically pointed out to me that we’re all destined to be burned out like our damn transmission line in the coming months. I’m quite done with this. We were promised there’d be big improvements and then saw them yanked away and replaced with the promise of enjoying what will eventually degrade into “Just In Time Scheduling“. Yeah, how about no.

Spunk Trumpet

That being said, I’m gonna be exploring other career opportunities with companies that don’t treat their mission critical staff like rodents.

Old UPN network lighting gobo

I had such high hopes for this company. It was great…. three mergers, four reductions in force, and one massive consolidation of HR and talent acquisition later. Now it’s just a slow burn of crushing cheapness and presumably, tax writeoffs of everything that doesn’t just get asset stripped.

Anyone interested in having a rather silly but talented engineer come work for them? I have 20 years experience in the field, including TV, FM and AM radio. I’d post a full resume here but I don’t exactly want everyone’s bots to come knocking yet. Also, I shitpost a lot. Maybe I need to write up a public resume in the form of a shitpost. That’d fool all the bots and give me the ability to sneak in cat pictures.

Meanwhile, here’s a sleepy kitty.

UwU I tell you hwat.

Peace, Love, Shitposting

It me:

Pumpkin Foreman
Better get in while the $600 general admission tickets last
Cassie action shot
Neat old drinking fountain in the Coloma Community Center
Cool architectural design, but miss me with that colonizer scum.
Happy marmalade colored bebby

I have yet to get a picture of this because they just both get up, but lately Gingy and Scrappy have been curling up there like a little yin – yang of floofle. So precious.

(⁠◕ ◕⁠)

The SNG truck that wants to try our patience— it just doesn’t wanna finish running all the emissions monitors so it can get a smog check. Supposedly it *only* needs to be driven 400 more miles. Uhhhhhhhhh.

Nice Weather for Ducks and Mushrooms

Yeah, if we’d stayed in hollow state technology, we wouldn’t be having these same problems now, would we?

I forget who made that glorious image but I suspect it’s Duffy Toler.

Anyway, that’s there because it started raining here in Northern California. Duckies would be very happy with this. Quack.

The rain has helped damp down the Mosquito Fire threatening the communities up in the Sierra Nevada foothills. It’s been really nice, even when it got blindingly thick on the Delta, and came down hard enough one morning to make my drive to work slow. I got there late and found the whole facility in headless chicken mode as an unusual combination of issues with how we procedurally handled breaks on streaming only newscasts caused a big ugly failure on air. We’re producing more live programming for television and streaming than ever and the engineering staff keeps getting smaller and more overstressed and something’s gonna break down eventually. Meanwhile, I was exhausted because I’d been down at the transmitter site late in the evening trying to fix the transmitter side of this hot mess, and I experienced a SMOKE TORNADO as one of the power supplies blew up. Impressive. Seriously impressive. Pictured here: the slowly growing heap of transmitter parts that need to be repaired or replaced.

I continue to be approaching the level of burnout this power supply managed. We had a meeting with local management today and got to express our concerns. Will corporate listen and take action so we don’t just wind up in a downward spiral of cascading failures and increasing understaffing? We can’t just hang on like this forever. This blows serious capaci-smoke.

After the smokeout

Big thanks to Dan at GatesAir for offering me useful guidance with this transmitter. His biggest piece of useful advice on the ULXT series: once it’s up and running and fully stable, don’t mess with it, just let it run! Well, I guess we broke that rule of guidance. Really the biggest issue is that the antenna system is unhappy SOMEWHERE, I’m waiting on a tech to come by to sweep it and find the distance to the fault.

So that’s what they do with the pumpkin bones


What follows this is a big ol’ image dump. Click to be, uh, dumped at I guess.

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