Triax Schmiax

In which I ponder a weird connector…

Sony HSC-300 camera… presenting with loss of power and/or signal whenever the swivel spigot on the side is rotated. The part was ordered… $835 and it took two weeks to ship… Yowza. I’m clearly in the wrong business.

And there it is. $835.

At first I was really perplexed wondering how this not even coaxial set of wires carries HD-SDI, but… it’s not necessarily HD-SDI. I’m not really sure what it is. It’s 170vdc power, and some flavor of bidirectional RF something or other that goes to the CCU and also carries prompter and return video to the viewfinder and serial data. Ok then.

The old part was really munched.

All in all not a hard replacement, but damn that parts cost!!! Wow. Well, I don’t have to buy it myself (this isn’t South Florida!) so bite me. Ha.

Oops I tripped and fell in the Crayola 72 box

I just keep getting more colorful and I freaking love it.

First off, my last adventure with hair colors. I decided to leave the dark roots and……

It’s glorious.

I’ve still got the nice UV glow but really pretty jewel colors where it went over my dark and silver roots. YES.

Smoky purple and blue tones

Uh oh, I feel asleep on a circuit board and got traces on my face!

…. And then I got this badass palette from Glamlite and it’s REALLY nice. This is like, the kind of thing I absolutely should have had as a baby bat 😀

The bright pink is from this neon colors palette I got at Five Below.

And it all looks pretty cool even behind my tinted glasses :3

And that’s me without any makeup but with a beat to hell dummy load (I don’t trust it).

And that was my face when I was waiting for the Glamlite palette to arrive