Das Choo Choo

If it ain’t broke, and it’s positively hilarious—

It’s perfect. Don’t “Fix” it.

These videos are of a German “Taurus” locomotive– Siemens EuroSprinter ES 64.

Video of a startup sequence, from onboard – Note that the HMI unit on the dash runs what appears to be Windows 3.x (and starts it DAMN FAST)…

It also, uhhh, does silly things in addition to calling out voice prompts and displaying performance info to the operator…

WARNING: LOUD tone at 35 sec.


The musical silliness does not end there. In fact… the PWM converters used to control the motor speed are not fixed frequency, and they play a rising musical scale upon the train’s departure.


Oh, and the best part? As hilarious as this thing is— IT HELD SPEED RECORDS!


Of course, the French were not to be outdone, and promptly whupped ’em. Not that the Taurus minds, though. It still lives in pride.

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