He had the audacity to ask me about Audacity.

To celebrate WDNA-FM successfully surviving a direct lightning strike (although just about everything needed a reboot — ever seen an Eventide BD120 profanity delay unit light up like a Christmas tree and flash Err?) I made this.

I kind of accidentally wound up with these two songs playing at once and found they worked way too well together so…. voila.

Call Our Mexican Wrestlers To Port:

Direct Link, if so desired.

In other news, I feel a little old now. I still remember my days of helping the guys at Miami-Dade College’s little parking lot AM station keep everything running, and we were all nuts about Homestar Runner back then. Heck, I still remember when Badger Badger Badger first showed up.

And then of course we horribly abused this little riff for a while. (Track #25 on They Might Be Giants’ “Apollo 18”, part of “Fingertips”. The song is in a bunch of segments which are mastered as separate tracks so playing the CD on shuffle will cause pieces of “Fingertips” to be interspersed between the other tracks.)

Good times, man.

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