Eisai haramasukoi.

I just don’t know what else to say. This is clearly the dance phenomenon of the century.

…. Whatever is going on here, it’s the beautiful handiwork of the same WiSP that created this massive fire hazard. They have one tech who maintains their stuff down south here, and his work is actually quite good. Then they have, uh, the goddess of chaos herself or something I don’t even know. Hail Eris!!!

Google, you’re trippin’

I suddenly started getting warnings from Google about an increase in 404 errors crawling this site. The last time this happened it was due to memory exhaustion and the Linux kernel impolitely terminating mysqld to rescue the system’s stability.


This time, I’m at a loss to explain it. Google somehow indexed a ton of pages from gallery.kg4cyx.net as being on kg4cyx.net or in kg4cyx.net/gallery. In short, it saw right through my vhosts and it just doesn’t work that way.


The heck happened?!