Shitpost Multiball

The Simpsons Pinball Party has not exactly proven itself to be a very reliable game; I’ve never played one where everything is fully functional. Malfunctions sadly seem to crop up with the garage door and mini playfield, and failure of these make most of the game inaccessible! No multiball…. On this one the upper left flipper didn’t work, so there was no way to shoot anything up there.

Just for the record, the way you have to get to multiball is to get the ball up there (open the garage door then shoot the ball in there) and the VUK (vertical up kicker) inside will send the ball to the left flipper on the mini playfield. From there, pass it directly to the right flipper or use the orbit at the back to send it to the right flipper, then shoot the lock ramp which will put it in the couch.

Yes, this is as challenging as it sounds!

So is maintaining an old RVR / Armstrong tube transmitter. Cut to avoid page spam…

Both of the variable caps here for input tuning and loading were not moving from their drive motors. The factory sent a replacement which they said was the last one available. It simply didn’t look right at all. In fact well… both it and the original caps looked….. homebrew.

New cap has the green FR4 ends. Original has the tan ones. The new cap doesn’t appear to be the second value or working voltage, but its vastly different size also means the strap that feeds the tube grid won’t fit!

Nice bronze casting, guys.

This just looks janktastic

Inside those end blocks is what looks like a skate bearing. The electrical connection to the rotor of the cap is made via a piece of fingerstock folded up, rolled, stuffed into the block and soldered in.

The skate bearing

This strap well uh

It prevents you from mounting the cap to the cavity wall like it needs to be. The original cap had it too, or rather the scar of it having been torn off.


You know what let’s not


I had no idea these had error codes.

What’s this “bleach” you’re telling me of?

The pissoir from The Market in Paskenta, CA.

One of my clients needs some tower crew love.

Funky reflector whiskers

The Nixie digit score display on The Munsters… I approve

AI6DE’s floofcat, Simba

Shitty Lelon Capacitors in a dbx preamp/processor and resulting shitwaves

They don’t work great like that

When you just randomly find a crystal radio at Goodwurf

For the first time ever, the floor at the former Linguini Mountain site is now clean and sealed for easier future cleaning and to prevent that never-ending dust production that seems to occur with bare concrete

A poor Inovonics that got its brain fried somehow and thinks it’s seeing audio but no modulation. I uhhhhhhh

I think that’s just Fnord Modulation.

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