Billboard FAIL.

Billboards along I-95… They’ve just kind of always been a thing. Well, now this one isn’t, and I bet it made a bit of noise when it lost the battle.

Snap! Wham!

It's every bit as ratchet as it looks.

Electrical panel shelter

To say this would have killed anyone in its path would be an understatement. Luckily it just went splat into a field. Seeing how awful the company (likely none other than Clear Channel!) let it get… I’m not walking near one on a windy day ever again.

Nonsense bonus: stainless spot weld failure.

Who needs the American Dream’s indoor ski slope?

We’ve got your crazy thrill ride right here.


It’s become a big game of chance lately as to whether the Metromover will make this ramp and turnout successfully. Failures are spectacular when they happen; the train either shorts out power with a big loud, bright arc, screeches to an abrupt halt, politely comes to a complete stop and sits there in front of the maintenance facility, or goes dark and free falls down the ramp for a few seconds before being slammed to a halt by the spring loaded parking brakes setting.

There is talk about charging passengers a fare to ride Metromover again, but personally I think all they need is this magical phrase heard on many thrill rides everywhere: “Exit through the gift shop“.

Don’t let this happen to you.


In your own home, this would be merely annoying.

In an installation where the thermostats are hard to get to, this would be very annoying. (I once had to change batteries on some that were 30 feet in the air!)

In a transmitter site, this is EPIC FAIL!!!

I was alerted to this problem by hearing the cooling fans in a large shared equipment room (the same one that awful Sprint equipment is in!) spooling up for takeoff.

There are two HVAC units in there, both had the same digital thermostats with the same dead batteries. Room temperature was at 98 and quickly rising.

Always insist on line powered thermostats for installations like this!!!