Shitposting to beat the heat

Amazingly not yelling about hvac this time

And it still works after I threw the bodge in it last summer
The password is POOCHOCO

I call the mystery spurs Democracy and Stalin

What did you do Dave
How to activate the LFO on the Tortie Module
What Cool But Useless thing can I do with these shopping cart handles?
The look I got from one of the station possums a few mornings ago, illustrated on a stock photo
I’m sensing a growing lack of rainbow here, time to remedy that

Happy Pride Month!

A carefully phase and chroma level adjusted message from your friendly local non-binary broadcast engineer.

The resolution on this Panasonic BT-S901 shows just how spoiled I have always been by the nicer resolution on JVC and Ikegami monitors. This claims to be 300 lines but pretty much looks like a RGB microwave oven door. :3