The nation needs this shitposting

Or something. There’s more I wanted to post but sadly, both Comcast and AT&T’s service have degraded to the point that I can no longer upload images to this site!!

Stolen Aggretsuko meme promoting labor unions

A rare sight: I boarded the SacRT Light Rail at a magical dead period and was the only person on the longboi.(Most other times I ride it’s anywhere from a moderately full to packed load!)

Cut for page spam

AA picture of me at an unflattering angle and Cassie at a very flattering one (there’s no such thing as a bad angle with her)

And a thing I had meant to photograph since I was up in Lake Tahoe:

I had gotten this fun looking corset and hadn’t worn it until the day I was driving up there. I noticed the shape it gave me with my coat on over it was really neat but never got a picture of what that looked like until recently, when of course my phone camera just wouldn’t focus for whatever reason.

The actual corset itself was definitely not made to be hidden.

In case one wonders, it does not make it hard to breathe or anything.

The Tower Light Controller That Cries Wolf. I’m not sure I’m allowed to explain this other than that it really likes to cry wolf. #Fnord

Longboi control panel seen through the window. There is an led odometer above the huge speedometer digits. While probably not readable in the photo, I was able to make out the digits and it was at 980,000 miles and change. Not bad!

A tower that has a downright comical number of brackets. The whole site kinda looks like a junkyard and I’m glad it’s not one of mine.

Lots of crap visible on the other side. Ew.

Speaking of excessive hardware, I am no longer mad that my parents threw away my ball chain necklace in the early 2000s. I’ve definitely gone on to more elegant things.

Like a spark in the dark… Or something

And I thought the beam supplies for our Harris PowerCD were chonkers…. I think this is one of the supplies for the 750vdc(?) light rail power. This one’s at Meadowview.

I wanted to upload one last image of a Zamboni player with a very 80s mullet but that just wasn’t happening. Thanks a lot, AT&T and Comcast. It’s normal for me to not be able to upload over Comcast at all, but AT&T not passing uploads either is new and sad.

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