The strange tale of the broken Easy Card.

Oh hi. What nonsense is this?


This is what my easy card looks like on a Tri-Rail ticket machine right now. On a Miami-Dade Transit machine, it looks the same but also shows “day pass… Pending” in the bottom pass list.

No matter what kind of pass I load to this card, it will fail to be activated on first use, and will lead to a negative cash balance for the amount of the regular fare for whatever I rode. The display on the bus fare box or rail station gate reads “Transfer 12:00 AM” when this happens.

The card also won’t let me add to its nonsense negative cash value, so it’s now useless.

I’ve spent $17.05 today so far on the day pass that got stuck in limbo, individual fares on each bus (the card won’t work for bus transfers in this state!), Metrorail parking, and a new Easy Card with one Metrorail fare on it that will replace this broken piece of 💩 that keeps eating my passes.

What is going on here?! I’ve never heard of this happening to anyone else’s Easy Card, so I’m guessing I have a unique and beautiful corrupted snowflake here. The customer service staff don’t understand it either.

I wonder what to do with this card. Send it to MDT so maybe they can work with Cubic Corporation to identify the fault and roll out a software fix*? Microwave it? Will It Blend?

What even is this card?! That’s like asking, “what are birds?” … We don’t even know.

And maybe $17.05 was still worth not having to drive through the boat show traffic.

* this is about as likely to happen as one of the buses running on schedule, or the Prog Stom Assy still working properly on a train. Also, MDT will likely not respond to this post, as their response to me asking for information or reporting issues via social media was to block me, so far on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. MDT blocks: Gotta Catch Em All.

Bonus silliness:
This is what the Train Tracker has to say. No clue.


But at least it’s bullet resistant. TAX DOLLARS GO WHERE ??


Hey guys I heard you like lens flare

I really need to take pictures on a real camera.


I got to watch the sun pop up over the horizon. Couldn’t photograph this worth a damn, but it was pretty cool. I kinda wasn’t expecting it to be so abrupt – it’s like someone turned on a switch and a blurry glow at the horizon jumped into focus instantly.

Now I can cross that off my list of natural wonders I’ve never actually seen before. Next up is snow. 😀

The fake pizza racket

I’m posting this now upon hearing from a guest at work that it’s also happening on Miami Beach. Beware!

Something that kind of surprised me not too long ago… When checking into a resort near Disney World, we were greeted by this silly looking sign in our room…



I thought it was clearly a thing intended to increase sales at the in house Pizza Hut, but then this janky thing showed up the next morning.

There is no restaurant location listed.

The phone number is not associated with any listed business… anywhere.

Quite the interesting scam, free credit card info up the wazoo for the price of just printing up some fake pizza menus and spamming them in a hotel.

Whenever I’m staying somewhere I usually just ask the front desk for recommendations, they usually also keep takeout/delivery menus for local places at the desk too. There’s always Yelp and such. Just beware the fake advertisements for nonexistent wheat and wheat byproducts.



Looks like Erika is shaping up to be one of those derpcastle systems that skirts the Florida coast and leads to stinky storms for a few days. Meanwhile, is that the remains of Danny drooling all over us?

Meanwhile let me go off topic here and state that I am getting so tired of these hoodrats selling stolen goods and fake perfume all over Miami. Unsurprisingly the guys selling stolen Tide are commonplace but I can’t take a trip on Metrorail anymore without having someone poke me on the shoulder and ask me if I want to buy any cologne, deodorant, small bottles of liquor, toys, or baby formula, usually any of which still have those “for sale only at (name of store)” labeled EAS tags still on them.

Just fucking quit it, okay?

KG4CYX.NET: your home for staring at flimsy tropical systems and yelling about trains

Who needs the American Dream’s indoor ski slope?

We’ve got your crazy thrill ride right here.


It’s become a big game of chance lately as to whether the Metromover will make this ramp and turnout successfully. Failures are spectacular when they happen; the train either shorts out power with a big loud, bright arc, screeches to an abrupt halt, politely comes to a complete stop and sits there in front of the maintenance facility, or goes dark and free falls down the ramp for a few seconds before being slammed to a halt by the spring loaded parking brakes setting.

There is talk about charging passengers a fare to ride Metromover again, but personally I think all they need is this magical phrase heard on many thrill rides everywhere: “Exit through the gift shop“.

I’m just that ridiculous.

The overhead concourse in the Miami Central Station / Miami Intermodal Center is now fully open end to end. I think it’s got more square footage than the apartment complex I live in…!! Heck, it may be of about equal square footage to the children’s museum.


This space, however, is not used effectively.

Our transit systems do not run overnight, leaving this whole monster corridor unused overnight.

I propose it double as a bar and nightclub. It’d be kind of amazing.

Here’s an F40PH for no good reason.


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