Oops I think I accidentally made myself a rave flyer

Every time I start messing around thinking I want to make business cards for myself, THIS KIND OF THING HAPPENS


but believe me the music will be more interesting than you’d expect

That was the most polite defacement ever

But alas, the fact someone got in here means I have to clean everything out and ensure there are no curious backdoors now. Still though, I am absolutely loving the fact that whoever posted that used my lulz category and didn’t do any bizarre damage or remove my content.

Kudos to… whoever you are 😉

I’m leaving the post in place because I consider website defacements to be a really interesting sort of digital art, worthy of preservation (in the same way that vintage graffiti is).

On that note, see also: miamigraffiti.com

The beautiful music of CIALYN

I was looking around at the Boards Of Canada Subreddit and found a link to CIALYN’s “A Night Of A Short Wave Listener”.


I’m very glad I did, because this is just wonderful. The style is very much like that of Boards of Canada, with really mysterious sounding synthesizers and samples that sound like they were off some wonderful but long forgotten tape.

The SoundCloud page has some wonderful tracks too.


Definitely worth looking at if you like BoC. Just saying.


Metric Is A Perfect 10

Source: The Smithsonian

This poster graced a wall at the West Dade Regional Library for years when I lived near there, and it’s totally fabulous. I am glad I finally found an image of it online.

Metric is great though. Seriously. Especially if you’re as derpy as I am with math.



Please note that this is a relatively content free shitposting- an informative and probably hilarious to read post on issuing an FCC complaint regarding Comcast falsely claiming data overages on their shitty monopoly cable internet service is coming soon

For now

Where’d I put the donut wrench, clearly these require a giant hex wrenc




The 2015 Miami Children’s Museum Haunted House

I totally don’t remember taking these photos — probably the result of having taken them after having to work 16 10-16 hour days straight. Some of them are in weirdly soft focus and the EXIF data says they were shot with very long exposure times, so I must have had the camera in my hands.. somehow. I have no clue. Either way I’m glad I’ve got them because that haunted house was totally badass.

Blacklight painting by Ashley H.

On a side note, thanks, Olympus, for making your camera firmware fill out just about every text field in the EXIF with “Olympus Digital Camera”. No of course that doesn’t cause WordPress to do useless “helpful” things. No way

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