Little box of happiness

Lately, Cassie has liked to hide in this box and play with the ribbon as we swing it in front.

What a little cutie patootey!

I was gonna say something here about old Telos phone hybrids but……. Meow! Thanks for taking my mind off those, Cassie.

Excuse me, Cassie, you are being too dang cute.

After an experience that wanted to make me go SHITPOST ANGRILY I overslept this morning and woke up to the sight of a happy tortie peacefully sunning herself and I couldn’t even be mad anymore over the previous evening’s events that had me stuck up a mountain for hours while a technician for Derp Valley Wireless was ordered to try re-aiming an Ubiquiti radio over and over again because the team down in the office was seeing an RSSI value 2 dB shy of what their link calculations said it should be. Four hours for 2 dB. But look at this tortie. SQUEEEEEEEEEEE

Catposting loudly

Please note, and be entirely unsurprised by, the fact that the yellow and red thing at right is an enormous Pikachu

sneaky girl who cannot be found

Six months ago, we adopted Cassie and those have been six incredibly happy months filled with lots of purrs, kitty cuddles, and general cuteness.

Oh, and tortie toes.


When configuring Klipper to run your delta printer, always set the option silly_cat: true in the config file.

Here, daddy, let me confirm those delta arm and tower measurements for you! That’s one fang, two fangs…..

She likes the feel of the cog belt against her face.

Object has exceeded build area! Harmlessly. Huh.

In keeping with my brother’s Pusheen-based naming convention for the prototyping lab apparatus at the lab he works in at FIU…. this printer is Deltasheen.

For another example of that, here’s a

SheenTel. My idea is actually to have a row of these Pusheens at our studios that light up in a soft green or blue during normal operation, but if one of the Nautel transmitters sends an SNMP alert, the station’s corresponding Pusheen will blink amber or red.

Tortie Tush

Cassie at some point figured out that it amuses me when she curls up with her little kitty butt in my face so now….

I get ALL the tortie tush. She’ll just plop down like this purring up a storm and getting pets and scritches till she falls asleep.

PissTek Again

We had some crazy winter storms and the site I lovingly call Shit on a Shingle lost power. When the power came back after a couple days, the station didn’t.

Found this little derpshit howling away as usual with no output. Front panel buttons and remote interface were unresponsive. Power cycled it and the controls came back but still no output. I warmed it with a space heater for a while and if fully returned to service.

I know some transmitters don’t like extreme cold, but this thing had only reached about 34 degrees at the lowest.

It had a really shaky start too, the front panel indicated 1750 watts forward 0 reflect, but no PA current, and it wasn’t audible on the air. I set it to 500 and it was audible for about a block down the road. As incoming snowstorms chased me from the site I heard it just gradually chatter and wheeze back onto the airwaves.

Hello, Transmitter Fairy, what do I have to leave under my pillow for you to leave me a nice Nautel VS2.5?

Please don’t disturb the kitty on the pillow.

This is, incidentally, the same site where the combiner horror used to live. Yeah, that one that never worked at full power until the whole system was sent out for service for a few months then exploded after less than a day on air.