Because my style is more distinguished

I kinda chuckled today at the nonsense with the browser tab open to a cheap looking vinyl lingerie set appearing on Faux News today, both because the commentator never considered his whole screen would be shared on air, and because… that’s just boring, man.

Maybe it’s just that we’re a lot different but this is more my style: the badass gloss PVC ballgown, with quite functional padlocks.

I’m pretty sure they can make it in other colors as well — Misfitz seems to make some off the rack stuff but also offers a ton of custom options. I’d probably want it in purple or red.

I have a different dress from them and I totally love it. The PVC fabric feels really nice and heavy without being inflexible, and it smells like 1855A coax, which amuses me far too much. The belt isn’t part of it, though it’d be freaking amazing if they had a rainbow glitter fabric like that for trim. It’d also be nice if it had epaulettes for a radio speaker/mic, but who else ever uses that?

Yeah, I’m all classy like that, and I’m making a mental note to leave tricolor foaming wax visible on the studio computers that can feed the router. Sacramento, y’all need more TCFW in your lives.

The nation needs this shitposting

Or something. There’s more I wanted to post but sadly, both Comcast and AT&T’s service have degraded to the point that I can no longer upload images to this site!!

Stolen Aggretsuko meme promoting labor unions

A rare sight: I boarded the SacRT Light Rail at a magical dead period and was the only person on the longboi.(Most other times I ride it’s anywhere from a moderately full to packed load!)

Cut for page spam

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Lurking in the twilight

My new coat got here from Hilary’s Vanity and I love it. It’s the Devious coat in black PVC. You can’t see any of the cool details of it here but the shape is perfect:

Brb gotta go make a darkwave album now.

Oh, and if you’re wondering if a Crown translator can work on its own first adjacent:

some identifying details were deleted from this photo before further demolition

Yes. Despite the receiver and exciter being adjacent like this, it… works.
In fact it works so well there’s negative reflect.

SpamBook Dot Com

Boy, there are a lot of spam profiles on Facebook now. I’m getting friend requests from anywhere from one to eight of them daily, and they all meet the same odd algorithm:

  • Created very recently
  • One or two stock photos of a woman (I have yet to go reverse image search these, I’m lazy)
  • Spewing friend requests to people from nearby geographical locations. For whatever reason it seems like the city of Coral Springs is a … nest… for these.
  • First post has a very… awkward English translation of a ridiculous pickup line

If I wasn’t so lazy I’d set up a browser in a throwaway VM to see where these point, but I am so I just used Links. Links is nice in that it doesn’t support plugins, much in the way of scripting, or pretty much anything that can sneak out and bite you. Also, no images, so I won’t get BOMBARDED BY DICKS or anything. (Always nice to not have to worry about that on the web.)

filename: whatfreshhellisthis.png. it’s appropriate okay

The domain name pointed to by the redirect is either the result of someone pounding on their keyboard or a Domain Generation Algorithm, and those just don’t get used on the up and up. Each profile I’ve seen actually seems to go to a unique domain with a subdomain.

Eventually after redirecting through a second site which is consistent, it lands at flirt4free (dot) com.

I’d guess both of the intermediates are just tagging affiliate links, but holy crap I can’t trust anything that got generated by a DGA or a cat walking across the keyboard. Cats are shady characters sometimes, you see.

Now there is one image from these I want to look up, because I want to know who made this awesome looking choker.

Found the model, at least: Kara Del Toro. Her stylist for this shoot, Dalit Gwenna, has some pretty adventurous looking stuff on her Instagram too.

Blinkier than

Something totally alien appeared at this remote crapshack transmitter site. I’ve yelled about the hilarity of this site on here before, and it seems like… uhhhh, well, it gets “maintained” still in the sense that someone mows the grass. Yes, the ATU is still dangling open and even at NIGHT POWER the thing was singing on modulation peaks. The station sounds horrible! But wait, what’s that colored light? Is that the ATU or base insulator arcing over? Hang on, it’s even stranger…


Wait, what? Is that Santa? NORAD, your tracker better not be leading us astray–




Upon seeing the condition of a guy wire anchor the strange visitor backed away really quickly, saying “nope”.


So this was a really crude but successful experiment – I put a set of LED holiday lights down two of the tubes and the result was just majestic. YEARS AGO I had briefly experimented with doing this and never got around to actually making anything of it. The power arrangement to this is just awful — I zip tied the battery box with four AA batteries to that silver collar and wore it like that. It held out for hours of continuous use but was just too damn bulky. Oh well, rough prototype and all. Next version’s gonna have addressable RGB LEDs and a freaking MICROCONTROLLER… and a smaller lithium ion battery. 😀

The Slaughterhouse Apparel logo and T-Shirt

Or, “I do things other than hack radios”.

I’m probably sharper and pointier than the barbed wire.

A while back, Dominik at Slaughterhouse Apparel was just getting his amazing line of post-apocalyptic grunge fashions going and he was looking for a logo.

I designed one using a composite of textures sampled from photographs of decayed materials around the office of the moment to make it look like old stencilled paint on a surface that’s all being slowly reclaimed by the elements.

Then, he had it screen printed on T-shirts and I just had to have one. Yes.

In the photo above, the jacket is another creation of mine and this was the perfect chance to see that it really does a good job of looking like rusty, weathered metal as intended! 😀

Here’s one that shows the design (and me eating hair from the wind) better.

Seconds after this, the weather changed to “Laserwash 4000” and I had to make a run for shelter. Ah well…